Recap of Waco Pipe Club Meeting

We drove up Tuesday evening from Austin and arrived at Poppa Rollo’s wondering how this place has a 2nd floor.  After sufficiently getting lost, the owner actually showed us around and the building is built more like a speakeasy with hidden doors that look like phone booths or brick walls.  Upon being show the location of this tiny hideaway above the bar we climbed the stairs and were warmly greeted by the Waco Pipe Club gentleman who were eating and drinking the local fare.   We were in luck, as this night was the annual slow smoking contest and after very quickly stuffing our faces the contest began.  While we were not officially entered into the contest (as we weren’t Waco pipe club members) we were given bags to unofficially compete.

As with all slow smoke contests we were given 3.2 grams of tobacco, 2 matches, a tamper, and 5 minutes to pack the pipe and 1 minute to light.  Upon lighting up the little room became a smoke filled war room where we did battle.   The winners walked away with some very nice pipes and finished with a time of 58 minutes and 35 seconds.   Our team walked away with Wes smoking 46 minutes, James 35 minutes and Mike around 20 minutes or as he put it “exceptionally poor”.

Thanks to the Bud Price Pipe Club of Waco for being our hosts for this fun outing, and we hope to visit again!


Winner at 58 Minutes


On Your Mark, Set, Light!

Austin Pipe Club Representing

Austin Pipe Club Representing


Steve Fallon reads the rules


The charred remains of the contest.


Whose In?

Photos courtesy of Wes Brown.