Membership has it's perks

We appreciate your interest in joining the Austin Pipe Club. While it’s always free to attend our events (unless noted) and we encourage “visitors,” we always welcome new members. The strength of any club or organization is derived from its members and we take pride in bringing out the very best that Austin has to offer.
Just a few of the reasons to join the Austin Pipe Club. Your membership supports the club by offseting the cost of our website, our UPCA club dues, and the Texas Pipe Show and other events.
  • Discounts at local tobacco shops such as Pipe World and Habana House
  • Special Club Events at Pipeworld and Habana House
  • Free PipeWorld Membership (10% off )
  • 10% Discount at Habana House Cigars
  • Discounts on official shirts and other merchandise
  • Complimentary tin(s) of tobacco at monthly meetups from various sponsors.
  • Voting rights on all club mandates and initiatives
  • Club Patch (with velcro back)
  • Certified Tobacconist (Tobacconist University) to guide you on your pipe smoking journey.
  • Access to club-only activities

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Choose your option below, if you're joining the Texas Pipe Club Co-Op choose Non-Local.  The $2 service fee is to offset the Paypal charges for processing. 


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  • Annual Pipe Club Membership for Locals
    To folks who aren't local but may attend a meeting on occasion when passing through.

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