Recap of Christmas Dec 18th Event

We had a nice visit last night with Erik Stokkebye of 4th Generation atHeroesandLegacies Cigarshop! On display and available for purchase were pipes and tobacco from 4th Generation and Comoy, 4th Generation pouches & bags, and Erik’s new 4th Generation Lighter! Erik was kind enough to contribute one of his lighters to our club raffle basket loaded with goodies from club members, Laudisi Distribution and Heroes & Legacies. Money raised from the raffle goes to Toy Runnerz Inc. benefiting Texas Baptist Childrens’s Home.

This was our last meeting / event of the year but the New Year is just around the corner! Our next meeting is January 8th at Heroes & Legacies. Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

Images courtesy of APC Board Member Wes Brown

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December 18th Charity Raffle, Stokkebye Trunk Show

We’ve got an exciting day coming up on the 18th of this month at 5pm.  Erik Stokkebye is coming into Heroes and Legacies to do a trunk show with his 4th Generation tobacco, pipes and lighters.   He’s also donated a lighter to the Austin Pipe Club Christmas Charity Raffle benefiting Austin Toy Runners.

Sponsors for the Raffle:


Review: Sutliff Taste of Autumn

Submitted by Pipe Club Member: Mark S.

Blend Name: Sutliff Taste of Autumn

Description on Tin: Rich spicy flavors of Autumn top this blend of Virginia and Burley Tobaccos

Leaf: Both brown and black pieces

Tin Aroma: Upon opening the tin, the aroma has strong hints of chai and pumpkin spices

Taste: Mild throughout the smoke and it had a consistent taste of chestnut.

Smokability: This blend was ready to smoke out of the tin and stayed well lit.

Room Note: Similar to the Taste Notes and I picked up the scent of pumpkin spice as well.

Thoughts: I prefer non-aromatics, but enjoyed this mild tasting tobacco.

Recommend to: Those that enjoy a mild aromatic smoke with a preference for pumpkin spice.

Summary: Enjoyed this mild seasonal smoke.

Pictures from the West Coast Pipe Show

Our very own Richard Gray went to the West Coast Pipe Show and took some pictures to recap:

Review: Sutliff Loire Valley

Submitted by Pipe Club Member: Mark S.

Blend Name: Sutliff Loire Valley

Description on Tin: A fruity aromatic blend of raspberries and mangoes with black cavendish

Leaf: Dark black pieces

Tin Aroma: Upon opening the tin, the aroma has strong hints of chocolate, cherry and raspberries

Taste: Mild throughout the smoke it had a consistent taste of raspberries.

Smokability: After breaking down the pieces and letting it sit for about 5 minutes, this blend smoked dry and stayed well lit.

Room Note: Similar to the Taste notes, I also picked up a subtle scent of mango.

Thoughts: I prefer non-aromatics, but enjoyed this mild tasting tobacco.

Recommend to: Those that enjoy aromatics with a strong nose and mild smoke.

Summary: Enjoyed the dark color and sweet aromas.

Recap of Music City Trunk Show

This past Friday we had a great turnout, in fact it was the largest turn out for an Austin Pipe Club gathering yet as we had around 20 guys show up.   The event in partnership with Heroes and Legacies and the Austin Pipe Club was a trunk show.   Heroes brought down their distributor Music City Marketing to do the show and let us look at some amazing pipes made by Briarworks International.  There are two lines Neptune and Icarus, and both are within  the 100 to 350 range.   Aaron  Sissom from Music City took time to talk to us about the products and his background in the pipe industry and was a wealth of knowledge.    While we had expected to see some other pipes from the vast range of pipes they distribute, seeing the Briarworks pipes was still very cool and a good number of us walked away with a nice pipe.

Additionally Sutliff sent over a new tobacco for the pipe club to try: Loire Valley.  This is an aromatic with Raspberry and mango top note with black cavendish.

Review: Sutliff Breckinridge


Submitted by Pipe Club Member: Mark S.

Blend Name: Sutliff Breckinridge

Description on Tin: A non-aromatic mixture of Kentucky plug cut burley

Leaf: Brown with lighter brown pieces

Tin Aroma: Upon opening the tin, the aroma has hints of chocolate and cherry

Taste: Initially, it had a mild taste of apples. After smoking it for a while, the taste changed somewhat to cherry and the scent of wood.

Smokability: This blend smoked dry and tended to stayed lit for an extended period of time.

Room Note: Similar to the Taste notes along with the scent of tobacco.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this tobacco, the flavors really developed and got better throughout the smoke.

Recommend to: Those that enjoy plug cut burley that smokes sweet and cool.

Summary: A delight from the moment you open the tin; great color, sweet aromas, and smooth burn.

My Background: New to smoking pipes in 2014.

Erik Stokkebye Event Wrap-Up


Austin Pipe Club and Erik Stokkebye

Yesterday at Pipe World we had an event where Erik Stokkebye dropped by and brought pipes and 4th Generation tobacco to sample and purchase.   Upon arrival he was standing behind the counter with a spread of 4-5 of his tobaccos and smiled and welcomed everyone and invited them to fill their pipes with one of his find blends.   We asked about each one and made the rotation through the various ones: 1855, 1882, 1897, 1931, 1957, 1982.

The Stokkebye tobacco tradition began with the birth of Erik Peter in 1855 who went on to found the family business in Denmark. As an homage to his family, Erik Stokkebye developed four blends – 1855, 1897, 1931, and 1957 – marking the years of birth for his great-grandfather, grandfather, father, and himself. Each blend has a unique flavor, is Virginia based, and is reflective of their personal tastes. We hope you will enjoy trying out this special series of tobaccos.

1855 is for Erik Peter his Great Grandfather who started the business.  It’s ready-rubbed Virginia and a non-aromatic.

1882 is called the Founders Blend and is a good English blend with Latakia, Virginia, and Kentucky leaves.


Getting a good wiff

1897 is a light aromatic and has Virginias, Burleys, and Cavendish with a top note of vanilla and honey.

1931 is for Erik Peter – his Father and is a Navy Flake which was his favorite tobacco to smoke.  It is pressed Virginia, Burley, and a very small amount of Black Cavendish for balance.  I would also say almost every one of us picked up this tin specifically.


Selecting a blend

Lastly 1982 is celebrating the 100 year anniversary and is a mild aromatic with Virginia, light Burley, and Black Cavendish, with a couple small bits or plugs of navy flake added in – it’s a great balance to throw in the navy flake to this and makes for a long enjoyable smoke.


Breaking apart the flakes

Currently you can grab some at Pipe World, and also note that they are sold out on almost all of these on the usual websites right now.

After Erik talked on his tobaccos we then gathered everyone and he talked on his families business, how they got started, products they offered and how it changed hands.  He talked about how the tobacco was made and manufactured and we all found it very interesting and there were a lot of great questions.


History of Stokkebye Tobacco

The last part of the meeting if you had bought a pipe (which are made for him by Neerup!)or tobacco you received a raffle ticket and Erik raffled off a pipe, a couple hats, and a pipe bag!  I’m glad to say that everyone that won an item was a pipe club member and Raul was the winner for the rusticated pipe!

photo 1

Raul winning the raffle prize a brand new 4th Generation Pipe


Admiring the Pipe

10689876_554756584651783_1308143588344185079_n 10665207_554756747985100_7856873484560631404_n 10653496_554756607985114_3954207535959159578_n 10649969_554756701318438_9154331144122216857_n  10647195_554756567985118_5202990762351371675_n 10647172_554756554651786_5437842933743587963_n  10603621_554756624651779_7406444639899565975_n   10425163_554756777985097_9201539625428612422_n

August 28th Pipe Club Meeting at Pipe World Wrap Up

Our first meeting at a new location: Pipeworld in Round Rock went very well and we had a good turn out with 9 people showing up and adding a couple new members!   We also handed out Sutliff Breckinridge tobacco that they sent us to sample and try out.   The Brekinridge is a mild Kentucky plug cut burley with little to no topping and is a great smoke for burley lovers. Thanks both to Sutliff Tobacco and Pipeworld for helping make this event a success!  We’ll be alternating our club meetings between Pipe World and Heroes and Legacies going forward as it’s great to have more than one spot to meet and engage with vendors and sponsors.

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photos courtesy of Wes Brown