EducationAustin Pipe Club

We believe strongly in the proper education of premium tobacco vs. garbage tobacco like cigarettes.  Premium tobacco is to be enjoyed and most do not find it habit forming.  Some of our members are certified tobacconists. We can and do teach about a variety of topics ranging from pipe selection, care and etiquette, tobacco choice, lighting, and packing and the list goes on.

On Premium Tobacco

Premium tobacco retailers are already engaged in strict age verification when it comes to purchasing premium cigars and all other forms of tobacco.

Premium tobacco is not marketed to, nor appealing, to minors.

Premium cigars are an adult product, enjoyed in a celebratory manner, with industry surveys substantiating that the average cigar consumer enjoys two to five cigars per week.

A deeper understanding of luxury tobacco will show that great pipe and cigar makers are artists and craftsmen who carry on traditions that enrich both culture and the human spirit.

Today, 95% of the money generated by the tobacco industry is from cigarettes. As a result, most people associate the word tobacco with “cigarettes”. When people discuss the negative health effects of “tobacco”, they actually mean “cigarettes”. Print publications, the media, politicians, and even the TSA agreements use the word “tobacco” when referring specifically to “cigarettes”. In the public realm, there is little distinction made between different types of tobacco, consumers, or consumption patterns. “Tobacco” is a bad word in contemporary society, yet this is a misnomer. The political, social, and cultural turmoil over one product – cigarettes – has besmirched a much broader and more profound industry.