Pipe Club Meeting and Peterson Show and Tell

Join us on the 13th of July for the Peterson Show and Tell meeting where we’ll be pulling out trays of Peterson pipes to take a look at covering Austin’s largest Peterson collection, including the Peterson Book, and a special NAP Pipe and Stem.

The meeting will be at Habana House Cigars – more details here.

Closing out 2018

Well, this year has been another good year for the club as we near our last meeting on the 13th of December we’ll be holding our annual potluck dinner and charity raffle. We also collected several hundred dollars at the Texas Pipe Show this past October to send more pipes to our Pipes for Soldiers collection. While we didn’t do a pipe of the year this year, we did order patches that all paying members will get when they sign up or renew their membership.

In other news, Sutliff has announced that they are going to be providing clubs samples again through their new pipe club program and more details will be available in the coming months.

2019 Promises to be a great year with a Peterson Trunk Show with lots of new pipes from our friends at Laudisi who now own Peterson Pipes. Additionally, we’ve got another Texas Pipe Show that promises to be bigger that will happen in October of 2019.

As we closed the books on our fiscal year we also went through our annual elections and elected a new treasurer Cael Bean. The rest of the officers remain the same this next year.

Good bye 2016

As we close out 2016 we close it with sadness at the loss of so many people, a tumultuous political season (thank god its over), the FDA strangling our tobacco industry, and tons of new tobacco coming out to beat the FDA new tobacco cut-off date.

Looking forward to next year, we’ve seen the FDA push the date for tobacco shops to submit ingredients proving they have no freaking clue what they are doing.

As a club we have some cool events happening, we’re working on our pipe of the year plan whom Pete Prevost will be custom carving a pipe for us.  We’re also looking to schedule another St. Patricks day event, shoot and smoke, and we look forward to helping out at the Texas Pipe Show in October.

New Tobacco Blending Seminar with Brian Levine At CPCC

Seminar Title:

“Intro to Tobacco Blending or Home Blending 101”

During this day long course you will sample component tobaccos, learn the basics of how a blend is made, learn how condimental tobaccos effect a blend and create your own blends. Each participant will leave with at least one-pound of blended tobacco, six clay pipes (or you can use your favorite smaller pipes) and the knowledge to make that blend that you already love, just a little better. The course will be led by Brian Levine of Sutliff Tobacco and Per Georg Jensen of Mac Baren. We are going to get down and dirty and smoke a lot!

-Cost: $35.00 per person (Maximum 32)

-10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Thursday April 28th in the Smoking Tent



How the big boys create a blend (20 minutes)

Introduction to base blending tobaccos and condimental tobaccos (40 Minutes)

Taste testing the blending tobaccos and condiment tobaccos (1 Hour)

-Yes, you will smoke them straight!

Lunch and Tongue Break (30 Minutes)

Lab Portion begins: During this time you will work on the blend and can work with others, on your own or in consultation with Brian and Per. This is Lab time for you to work at your own pace with in the time allotted.

The start of a blend! (1 Hour 30 Minutes)

-Start building the blend you want to make (Aromatic, English or Virginia) 20g samples.

-Make three versions.

-Speed Marrying (cheats for blending not relationships).

-Taste Test.

Lab Portion Continues:

Start Over or Fine Tune (1 Hour)

-Make minor tweaks to your favorite version.

-Start a whole new blend in a different style.

-Speed Marrying (cheats for blending not relationships).

-Taste Test.

The Results: (1 Hour)

-How did your blend come out (are you happy)?

-How does it look (eye appeal)?

-How does it smell (tin note)?

-How does it taste (Smoke it)?

-Share your results.

Blend up some more of your favorite for aging and experience the difference later.


Now go rest your tongue for the evening!


Space is available on a first come first serve basis. To reserve your spot email Tom Dinelli @ [email protected] for payment information.

Austin Texas Pipe Club Raises $300 for Toyrunners

Last night’s event was a great success generating $300 for Toyrunnerz Charity.  Much thanks to our sponsors Lane Limited(STG), Laudisi, Smokingpipes.com, Heroes and Legacies, and MacBaren for making this even happen.  Toyrunnerz delivers toys to less fortunate children at Texas Baptist Children’s Home in Round Rock.

Austin Pipe Club Charity Raffle and Pot-Luck

Join us for our Charity Raffle Meeting and Pot Luck on December 10th at 5pm @Heroes and Legacies.  We’ll be doing a $10 charity raffle ticket benefiting Toy Runnerz and a pot-luck event.  Basket of goodies donated with lots of items provided by Scandinavian Tobacco Group/Lane Limited, Smokingpipes.com.  Additionally several items donated from Austin Pipe Club members and Mac Baren.

What to bring: 

Favorite Holiday cooking – have a dish you like or a dessert? Bring it along with some plates/bowls.


Trying to Quit Cigarettes? Switch to Pipe Smoking

Sitting in the local tobacconist periodically I see a good number of people in the Austin area come in who are trying to stop smoking cigarettes and move to something healthier but still trying to get their nicotine fix. Picking up the pipe is by far one of the best things you can do to ween off cigarette smoking, as you don’t inhale pipe tobacco and you’re not smoking chemical laden cigarettes. You will also notice that smoking a pipe will force you to slow down and enjoy the experience as opposed to trying to get a quick fix and move on. Relaxation is part of the whole dig when it comes to smoking a pipe.

If you’re in the Austin area and are interested in pipe smoking stop by one of our meetings and we’ll walk you through what you should do and best tobaccos to try – every meeting we have plenty of tobacco samples for you to try and enjoy. By becoming a member you’ll also enjoy discounts at the local tobacconist stores.

Have questions? Email us on the site here and we’ll be happy to answer them and point you in the right direction.

Chicago Pipe Show Pictures

Our own Richard flew up to Chicago to see what the show was all about and had a blast and met a ton of great people.  Below are some pictures from the show.

New Membership Perk

Last week with the help of our Treasurer we were able to secure another great perk at Pipe World.  All Austin Pipe Club Members will receive a free membership at Pipe World which gives members 10% off.   This is just another reason to become an Austin Pipe Club member as our benefits are continuing to improve and we’re continually growing.