Review: Sutliff Loire Valley

Austin Pipe Club

Submitted by Pipe Club Member: Mark S.

Blend Name: Sutliff Loire Valley

Description on Tin: A fruity aromatic blend of raspberries and mangoes with black cavendish

Leaf: Dark black pieces

Tin Aroma: Upon opening the tin, the aroma has strong hints of chocolate, cherry and raspberries

Taste: Mild throughout the smoke it had a consistent taste of raspberries.

Smokability: After breaking down the pieces and letting it sit for about 5 minutes, this blend smoked dry and stayed well lit.

Room Note: Similar to the Taste notes, I also picked up a subtle scent of mango.

Thoughts: I prefer non-aromatics, but enjoyed this mild tasting tobacco.

Recommend to: Those that enjoy aromatics with a strong nose and mild smoke.

Summary: Enjoyed the dark color and sweet aromas.

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